Wish List

Anyone so inspired to send me  a care package would be a God among men and I would love them eternally. Now that I’ve been in country a couple of months and really know what is an is not available to me in my village and in the major cities I figured I’d update this to be more specific. But know that if you are generous enough to send me packages truly anything is appreciated:

Cooking Supplies:
Soy Sauce
Ranch Dressing
Barbeque Sauce
Vanilla Extract
Brown Sugar
Powdered Sugar
Coconut Milk
Taco seasoning packets
Any type of seasoning packet
Hot Sauce

Protein Powder
Ramen noodles
Craft Mac n Cheese
Canned chicpeas
Canned Anything
Soup packets
Candy! Literally any and everything is acceptable in this category
Water flavor packets
Instant Coffee
Basically any salty snackfood or candy item (if you know me you should be able to think of one lol)

Mike n Ikes
Seeds of any kind

Any American news source, magazine, or newspaper regardless of trashiness or content but Time magazine would be appreciated. Also (the internet is too expensive to read news off of)
A good book that you’ve read and liked
Friendship bracelet string – the kids love it
Duct Tape 
Crossword books
AA & AAA batteries
Camping egg carrier (i always break them on the hour walk from the market)
Dish Soap
Sponges, dish towels
Camping cutting board
Non-Drowsy Benadryl (I need something to combat the bug bites)
Maderma for scars
USB Thumb drive
Colored chalk (I can get plenty of white chalk here)
A map of the World, Africa, America, The American Continent
*Really any map is fine my school has none because they were in French and thus had to be taken down but we have a geography focus. BIR
Sharpie markers or any permanent markers
*I draw all my own diagrams on rice sacs to make my own posters
A basic English dictionary
Ant traps
Scented candles
Anything that could be used in a classroom would be helpful.
Hair conditioner (yes I know its Africa but my hair is falling out!)
Jump rope
A sweatshirt
Updates on your life
Volleyball, soccerball, any type of ball
Movies/TV shows

Anything else you may want to contribute to a classroom, that could be played with with the children of my village, or you just think your favorite ginger might like would be extremely appreciated! Remember it will take 6 weeks for a package to get to me though. And according to mama K the only things you can’t mail to Rwanda are radioactive materials and prescription pills so keep that in mind when making selections :P